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Year of the vegan

We’re almost halfway through the ‘year of the vegan’, and having written about it in January, we’re continuing to grow our vegan range. Now on the shelves are Moodley Manor 100% plant-based bacon. We also have Vegafit vegan burgers, schnitzel and nuggets. You might also have noticed the Violife flavoured grated mozzarella and flavoured grated cheddar as cheese substitute options. Not forgetting the butter, we have Naturli organic vegan block, and vegan spreadable.

An interesting story recently has been the announcement of the UK’s first 100% vegan hotel. It is due to open in the Scottish Highlands in June. Whilst we may initially think of the food being vegan, every other little detail has been covered. From the toiletries and cleaning products used, to the furniture, and even to the staff uniforms, all are totally free from animal products. They’ve even gone one step further and will run the hotel on Ecotricity – a Vegan Society certified source of power. Whilst we won’t be going that far, it is interesting to note how far veganism has come.
We are always looking out for new products to meet what our customers would like, and we will continue to grow the range.

If you would like to request a new product, please check out our ‘request a product’ form here.

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