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We’re Nolan’s. We’re Green.

We’re Nolan’s, we’re Irish, and we’re working hard to be as green as we can.
As an independent retailer, we’re proud of some of the little steps we have taken, in order to make bigger changes to protecting the environment. Our commitment is strong.

In January of this year we became the first Irish retailer to sell BioBag 100% compostable and reusable shopping bags. Available at check out, these strong and reliable bags are also biodegradable. We like to view them as the true ‘bag for life.’ Continuing with our drive to reduce plastic packaging, BioBags are available in the fruit and veg section. Environmentally friendly and compostable, they can be thrown into your brown bin. Ideal too for reusing in a smaller kitchen compost bin.

We are also using BioBags at the butcher counter. Like the fruit and veg bags, they contain no microplastics, and are compostable and biodegradable. Once you’ve removed your meat from the bag, it can be discarded into the brown bin. Whilst we’re still talking BioBags, let’s not forget to mention that we stock BioBag dog waste bags too!

At our salad bar, we have PLA tubs which are compostable, and should also be thrown into the brown bin. We have a great selection of environmentally friendly household products. Made with natural ingredients, it’s possible to clean with a conscience! This section is continually growing, and we will keep sourcing products that are kind to the environment.

Let’s get sustainable and thanks for your support.

BioBag 100% compostable