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Toons Bridge Dairy

Our plentiful deli counter is the perfect stop for summer dining. Some new cheeses on the block are from Toons Bridge Dairy. Based in West Cork, this family run dairy make Mediterranean style cheeses.

Try out the fantastic Toons Bridge buffalo mozzarella. Particularly special is that it is made with milk from their own herd of Italian water buffalo, who happily graze in the Cork climate. It is made using traditional Neapolitan methods, including the ‘pasta filata’ technique which involves stretching and manipulating the curd. Mozzarella should be eaten as fresh as possible. Perfect with a tomato and basil salad with a drizzle of balsamic and extra virgin olive oil.

We also have their super smoked scamorza. A simple stretched curd cheese that is hung for a short period of time to air dry, and then gently smoked over straw. The taste is sweet and delicate with slight caramel and smoky flavours. Enjoy it fresh, grill it, or melt in whilst cooking. Their heavenly halloumi is full of salty flavour and is a great source of protein. Simply slice thickly, and grill on both sides. An ideal cheese for cooking on the BBQ.

So there we have it, a taste of The Mediterranean from an Irish Dairy in Cork! We’ll see you at the deli counter.

Irish made cheeses

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