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The return of the soap bar

It’s always refreshing to use natural products, especially when it comes to soap. Have you noticed our Dr. Bronner range in-store? They produce organic soaps, made with only the purest certified organic essential oils. Their 4-in-1 pump soaps are ideal for washing hands, face, body and hair. Whilst their 18-in-1 pure soaps can meet just about any cleaning need. Wash your hair and body or clean your home with it! A popular choice too are their soap bars, they produce a soft smooth lather that won’t dry out the skin. From green tea to tea tree, rose to lavender, there is a scent to suit all, and even ‘baby unscented’ for the most sensitive of skins. Global reports suggest that the humble soap bar is making a splash again and sales figures have risen. There are many great ranges to choose from, with the added environmental benefit of reduced plastic packaging.

Another natural soap on our shelves is the ‘Oliva’ pure olive oil soap bar. It is made from pure unrefined olive oil, contains no artificial colours or perfumes, and is kind and gentle on skin. The ‘Chandrika’ ayurvedic bar of soap is made with pure vegetable oil, and natural ingredients such as coconut oil and wild ginger. It nourishes and soothes the skin. Pop in-store to see our ever growing range.

Lots of options to lather up with and feel good!