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Spice up any dish

Have you noticed another new product in-store?

This one is making quite the impact on the condiment scene across Ireland. We’re not surprised it made it into a ’10 must have Irish cult products’ Irish Times article earlier this year.

Step forward the ‘Peanut Rāyu’ from Dublin based company White Mausu. Pronounced White Mouse-U, this company was created by chef, Katie Sanderson. Inspired by her time growing up in Hong Kong, the peanut rāyu recipe was born. A fusion of Japanese and Chinese flavours, it can spice up any dish. Try it in a stir fry for that extra little kick, ideal for rice bowl dishes too. It’s a delicious little accompaniment for eggs and is recommended with the popular eggs and avocado on toast. We’re even told it goes great on a grilled steak. Made with peanuts, sesame, honey, crispy garlic, Korean chilli flakes, salt, tamari, and sunflower oil. The taste speaks for itself.

Make some room in the larder 😊