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Spanish Cheese

We have a great passion for great food and are always on the look out for the best quality ranges. Newly arrived in-store is a delicious selection of Spanish cheeses. Highly regarded and flavoursome, the cheeses are viewed by many as the best in Spain.

Starting off, we have the popular and very well-known Manchego cheese. It is made from sheep’s milk and has a creamy and subtle nutty taste. We also have the excellent Mahon cheese. Made from cow’s milk, it is buttery, sharp and slightly salty to taste. A little Mahon fact is that the rind is generally an orange colour due to it being rubbed with butter, or oil, and paprika. Next up is the Valdeon blue, which is made with a blend of cow and goat’s milk. A hearty blue, it is rich and creamy with a bit of spice and saltiness. Our last gem is the award-winning Monte Enebro goat’s cheese. A pasteurised cheese with a creamy, salty and full flavour.

Crackers and cheese anyone? These wonderful artisan cheeses are on special for a limited time only, so pop in store soon.

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