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Non-dairy alternatives

Whilst most of us grew up only choosing between fat free, skimmed or whole milk, there are now a whole host of non-dairy milks available to suit dietary needs and preferences. From listening to customers requests and suggestions, our shelves and milk fridge are lined with great non-dairy options and alternatives.

Many people will be familiar with soya milk. It is a good source of protein and is rich and creamy. It can be enjoyed straight from the glass, over cereal, and is a good choice for using in baking and cooking. Another popular choice is almond milk. Rich in vitamin E, it is creamy with a slight nutty taste. Almond milk can be a refreshing drink on its own, poured over cereal, or used in tea and coffee. It is also good for cooking and baking. Continuing with our plant- based dairy, step forward the oat milk. It has widely become the favoured choice of baristas largely due to it steaming and foaming so well, perfect for latte drinks. Coffee drinkers have been impressed with its creamy consistency, a more neutral taste and how comparable it is to cow’s milk. Hazelnut milk is another non-dairy option on our shelves. This is described as having a stronger nutty flavour than almond milk, and is a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, and vitamin E. It is good in drinks and light desserts. Cashew nut milk has a subtler nutty taste, is creamy and slightly sweet. Regarded as an easily digestible drink, and rich in essential fatty acids. It is best used for cooking and desserts.

Another familiar alternative is coconut milk. Creamy in texture, it is rich in phosphorus, iron and magnesium. Makes a great base for smoothies and soups. Regarded as one of the least allergenic of the milks is rice milk. As the name suggests it is a grain milk made from rice. Naturally sweet and light, but has quite a watery consistency. Good with cereal or drinks.

Ireland is known for its high-quality dairy produce, and for some people there is nothing like a good glass of Irish cow’s milk, there are plenty of alternatives for those who wish to wander ‘further afield’.