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Food producer spotlight

We’ve taken more than a shine to Shines Wild Irish Tuna. Based at Ireland’s leading fishing port, Killybegs in Donegal, this family run business has a big passion for Albacore tuna. Like all tuna, Albacore is a rich source of complete protein, selenium and vitamin B-12.

A characteristic of this tuna though, is that their soft pink flesh is more moist and delicate than that of many other species of tuna. In addition, Albacore contains significantly more Omega 3 fats, which can normalise and regulate cholesterol levels, and greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. Shines hand fillet all their tuna, and it is hand packed in olive oil. Like Omega 3, olive oil has been shown to prevent heart disease, as well as providing anti-oxidants that can keep hair and skin hydrated and healthy. What’s not to love?! Their fishermen catch the tuna using traditional methods that are selective and environmentally friendly. Coupled with the traditional preparation of their products, quality and freshness is guaranteed, providing maximum flavour and exquisite taste.

Next time you are in store check out our range of gluten free Shines Wild Irish Tuna, including their renowned Yellowfin Tuna.

You’ll be hooked after the first taste!