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Deli Counter

Next time you’re in store, make sure to visit our great delicatessen and charcuterie counter. There is a wonderful selection of delectable delights, and something to suit all tastes. Choose from a wide range of olives, cheese, prepared meats, pesto, hummus, pâtés, amongst others. Perfect for those sharing platters or cheese boards, especially at this time of year. Interestingly, the word ‘delicatessen’ originally derives from the Latin adjective ‘delicatus’, which means pleasing and delightful. We believe our counter products can bring a smile to many a face. As always, our skilled staff are here to help and can advise with your choices. Many will recognise Sabine, our resident fromage expert.

In store now, we have some new show stopping cheeses, perfect for this season. We have Mont D’or Mini Napiot. Also known as the ‘holy grail’ of French raw milk cheeses. It is a protected cheese with strict rules to follow for its production. It must be ripened in wood. It is nutty to taste, largely due to being wrapped in spruce bark. This is a deliciously soft, creamy and gooey cheese. Perfect for dipping into with some crusty bread, dive in!  Or if you fancy baking it and entering cheese heaven, please click here for the recipe.

Another luscious cheese in store is the Camembert Calvados Le Cados. This is also made from raw cow’s milk. It is dipped in Calvados (an apple brandy), and then coated in toasted breadcrumbs. Delightfully fruity and creamy to taste, it won’t disappoint.

See you in store, we look forward to delighting you!

French Cheeses

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  • - Camembert

Prepared meats

  • - Paté
  • - Terrines


  • - Olives
  • - Hummus