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Here at Nolan’s, our bags have travelled all over the world.

While serving our local community remains our number one priority we are very proud, and a little amazed, whenever we see our Nolan’s grocery bags in far-away and distant places. From Lancashire to Las Vegas, Maya Bay to Majorca; our bags have been spotted, along with our loyal customers.

Simply send us your photo of your NOLAN’S BAG, taken on your holidays and if we post it you will win a bottle of wine! We will also award a special prize at the end of the year for the most original picture.



Dubai, UAE
5917.99 km

Howth, Ireland
9.9 km

Las Vegas, Nevada
7959.45 km

Great Wall, China
8244.80 km

Lancashire, England
249.67 km

Brooklyn, New York
5122.29 km

Majorca, Spain
1674.48 km

Las Vegas, Nevada
7959.45 km

London, England
461.18 km

New York, New York
5166.57 km

Louisville, Kentucky
6058.41 km

Majorca, Spain
1674.48 km

Maya Bay, Thailand
10309.31 km

Paris, France
779.85 km

Reno, Nevada
7897.88 km