50 Tips


Each week we will be posting a new Top Tip to help keep you motivated. We hope these will be a source of inspiration when you need it most.


Seize every chance to exercise:

I remember telling my leader that I couldn’t fit in exercise because I had a full time job and was a mother. But I started walking around the block near my home and using the stairs at work. I even got up from my desk and spoke to people instead of emailing them. It helped with my incidental exercise.
Karen-Anne 42 Personal Trainer lost 23.9kg/3st 11lbs


Never deprive yourself:

I learned the benefits of being nutritionally aware and started watching my portions. I wasn’t strict in fact I taught myself how to factor certain foods into my day so I never felt deprived while losing weight.
Tammy 33 Personal Trainer Lost 24.7kg/3st 13lbs


Don’t hide behind big clothes:

Never buy clothes in a bigger size. If a few pounds sneak on and your clothes start to feel a little tight, make that your incentive to get back on track with eating and exercise.
Lee 54, Office Manager Lost 18.7kg/2st 13lbs


Focus on a healthy future:

While some women are inspired by ‘before’ photos of themselves. I didn’t focus on how unhappy and overweight I was before. Instead, I visualised myself two years into the future. Thinking of myself as a happy size 12, free of health ailments, such as high blood pressure and sleep apnoea, never failed to inspire me.
Sasha 24, Physiotherapist Lost 48kg/7st 8lbs



Check portion sizes:

I now keep a close eye on portion sizes. A convenient reference is my hand. I know that a serve of cheese is the size of my thumb and a serve of meat is the size of my palm.
Merilyn 61 Aged Care Programme Coordinator Lost 10g/1st 8lbs



Find a routine that works for you:

Exercise has never really been one of my strong points. I don’t like sticking to a routine and can’t afford a gym membership, so I try to incorporate active things into my life such as dancing, gardening and playing with my three sons.
Maree 44, Sales Rep., lost 24.5kg/3st 12lbs


Enjoy slimmer holidays:

Don’t banish all of your good habits while on holiday. Just because you’re not in your regular environment dosnn’t mean you have to change your whole outlook and forget what’s really important.
Kelly 42 Administrator Lost 19.6kg/3st 1lb


Keep going after goal:

Once you hit goal, don’t stop the meetings. Regular weigh-ins help you stay accountable.
Deborah 37 Stay-at-home Mum. Lost 5.2kg/11.5lbs


Plan ahead when dining out:

Be mindful of what you eat and always plan ahead with meals. If I’m invited out to dinner or lunch at a restaurant or café, I will look at the menu beforehand so I can really make healthy, more informed decisions when ordering.
Leonor 48 Personal Assistant. Lost 5.8kg/13lbs


Walk a few more steps everyday:

Create a few healthy routines in your day like getting off the bus a few stops early to clock up a few more steps.
Leonie 28 Hospitality Worker lost 21.5kg/3st 5lbs



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