50 Tips


Each week we will be posting a new Top Tip to help keep you motivated. We hope these will be a source of inspiration when you need it most.


Blitz your slim down plateau:

When I hit a plateau in my weight loss, I joined a beginners triathlon squad in an effort to shift those final pesky pounds – and it worked. Not only did it help me achieve Goal and obtain lifetime membership, it also helped me to complete four triathlons and one half marathon.
Morwenna 28 - Programme Manager Lost 21.2kg/3st 5lbs


Get more creative in the kitchen:

Experiment with ingredients and recipes. Just because you didn’t like a food when you were a child doesn't mean you won’t like how it tastes now.
Julie, 51 Office Worker - Lost 54kg/8st 7lbs


Banish the age barrier:

Don’t use your age as an excuse to be inactive. I play competition tennis with other ladies in the area and walk 10k twice a week with two of my best friends. We have such a great time catching up that we don’t even realise how far we’ve walked. It’s like a counseling session and a great way to distress.
Fran 54, Cardiac Technician- Lost 11.4kg/1st 10lbs


Be honest about what you eat:

Aim to track everything you eat and drink. It prevents mindless snacking. Just be honest with yourself and you’ll be successful.
Karlie 32 Stay-at-home Mum - Lost 35.4kg/5st 8lbs


Constantly challenge yourself:

I always set myself goals. For example my next goal is to complete a 14k run. I’ve never even walked 14k so it’s going to be a challenge, to say the least! But having something to work towards is what keeps me going
Audrey Customer Service, Lost 27.1kg/4st 4lbs


Make you new journey public:

I told everybody I was losing weight and kept a running tally on the fridge to make it public. So much of my trouble had come from doing everything secretely and it was time to be honest with myself and everyone else.
Victoria 37 Stay-at-home Mum, Lost 15.1kg/2st 5lb


Get fit as a family:

in addition to dancing I walk every day for an hour. I put my son in a backpack and carry him around our hilly suburb. If my daughter is home, I pop them in the pram and do 5k.
Sara Account Manager, Lost 24.1kg/3st 11lb


Unlock your willpower:

I bought a size 10 bikini as motivation, took lots of photos of it and posted them around my house. I even kept a picture of it in a locket around my neck! Everytime I felt my willpower waver I’d look at that picture and instantly remember what it stood for.
Michelle Weight Watchers Leader Lost 33kg/5st 3lbs


Boost your incidental exercise:

Even if you’re busy, there is always time to squeeze in exercise. If I’ve gone shopping I’ll carry the bags from the car to the house two at a time instead of lugging them in all at once. I also keep and exercise DVD at home for those wet rainy days, so I really have no excuse.
Vicki 63 Retired Lost 21.1kg/3st 5lbs


Share dessert and halve the calories:

I’ve realised that the last mouthful of dessert tastes exactly the same as the first, so you really only need one. When I go out to dinner, I’ll share dessert with someone or only have a taste of it. I don’t miss it especially when I have that saying in my mind.
Sherryl 60, Administrator


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