50 Tips


Each week we will be posting a new Top Tip to help keep you motivated. We hope these will be a source of inspiration when you need it most.


Eat your favourite snacks but have less of them:

I still have a slice of Victoria sponge every other day, but a mini version for 3 ProPoints®.
Secretary - Lisa​


Keep a positive mindset:

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve put on half a pound. In the broader scheme of things, that’s nothing. Congratulate yourself, both verbally and mentally with rewards. Above all be kind to yourself.
Renee actress - 33 Lost 28.4kg/4st 7lb


Get active at home:

I gradually taught myself to do more incidental exercise. Instead of sitting on the sofa and mindlessly watching TV. I’d convince myself to go outside and hang clothes on the line instead. Building up my fitness levels slowly really helped boost my confidence and determination and also improved my overall health and mood too.
Deb, 34, stay-at-home Mum - Lost 9kg/1St 6lbs


Celebrate at meetings:

I know I couldn’t have lost more than 20 kilos without the support of the amazing women and men in my weekly meeting. Having a support network really keeps you motivated.
Bernadine 50 Army Officer - Lost 20.1kg/3st 2lb


Plan, Plan, Plan:

Plan a good dinner and make sure you have extra for lunch the next day. Always have meals in the freezer and plenty fo healthy snacks in your desk drawer.
Georgina 34 Teacher -Lost 38.8kg/ 6st 1lb


Find a friend:

I go to weekly meetings with my mum. She –and the meetings- help me stay accountable. Enen if you think you’ve had a bad week, the reality is it’s never as bad as you think it is.
Lauren 23 Student - Lost 9.2Kg/1st 6lb


Avoid the 11am sweet fix:

Morning tea at work is one of my biggest challenges, since it’s usually cakes and biscuits. But, when it’s my turn to contribute I bring in healthier options like vegetable sticks and dips. Sometimes my workmates get a giggle out of watching me deliberate over which treats to have but it’s worth the extra moments thought, rather than just diving in mindlessly.
Virginia 29, Researcher - Lost 7kg/1st 1lb


Employ a personal trainer:

I hired a personal trainer to Kickstart my exercise routine. I do two sessions every week and work on a programme designed for me that varies throughout the week. my trainer has helped me with goal setting and has been instrumental in my newfound love of exercise
Emma 37, Human Resources Director - Lost 21.4kg/3st 5lb


Create health oriented goals:

I set small goals and rather than being weight related I made them health related, such as increasing the number of steps I did each week or drinking more water. These aims were maintainable for me
Maria 63 Artist - Lost 8kg/1st 4lbs


Think slim at restaurants:

Don’t be afraid to take control. When eating out at restaurants, I request sauces and butter on the side, no oil to be used and ask for vegetables to be steamed.
Mark 50 General Manager - Lost 8kg/1st 4lbs


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